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Elliott Smith Discography Torrent !!HOT!!

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Breaker Boy, dagger/evan and chan, covers, a tribute to elliott smith, heroic dose, White Lighters, going away party, and as far as you can as fast as you can. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $9.75 USD or more (25% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Love Me To The Floor 03:32 lyrics you can't get through if I can't hear youand I refuse to listen to one more word from your mouth'cause I know how you get inside my mindpretend you're on my sideand its harder to remember the way things really went before you twisted up the storyin constant fear but Im still heretwo weeks without drinking did some good for mebut I still need something to ease my mindso I don't waste more time ontrying to remember the way things really wentbefore you twisted up the storyleave when you want but don't go too far awayleave when you want but its a long way downa heavy pour but I want morelove me to the floorand tell me how much I can take before I see in circles 2. Room For Rent 03:44 lyrics sadly soberno fault of the wineI drank enough to put anyone in the gravea slip of the tongue is no fault of the mindIm sorry for the terrible things that I sayScared of the truth that I know I would find if I dug too deepso I just have a drinksmoke in my lungs and the salt on the limetwo of my favorite tastesI don't care anymoremy friends forgot my numberI don't care anymore but I must admit that it hurt for a bitwhat is the most unthinkable thing that could happen to youwhat if your worst nightmare came trueall that you love did you know you could loseI swear I don't care anymorebut who am I trying to foolwise words from a dead man walkingbut its just the liquor talkingall hope I had left to sparevanishing into thin air 3. Extinct Californians 02:59 lyrics go aheadI will catch up to youor maybe I'll stay behindI'll be near though Im so far from herecan't relate if I triednow it fills the airchoking everythingI can't let it get to me anymoreI stay drawn to where I won't belong to in this lifeis it wrong to always feel like its not worth my timeif you leave take me with youanywhere on your mindlead the wayI will followanywhere you decide 4. Invisible Song 03:26 lyrics I miss the way it used to bethose days are gone and so are weId pour one out for the friends I have leftbut I need every last drop of itI cook you in the spoonwatch it bubble overshoot you into the veinsomehow I need you closerand when Im gone don't give me detailsdon't fill me indon't ever ask me how things have beenI miss the way it used to feelthis wound is way too deep to healI wish the best for everyonesincerely your abandoned sonbeing strong was just as hard as its always beenI hate pretendingI'm giving inand when Im gonemy love for you will still go on 5. Isolation Angel 02:48 lyrics I had other plans for thirty threeI took a wrong turn on the wayI am hollowed out like the dead treeat the edge of your propertythe cigarette burn on the furniturethe bottle turned into the vasestuck in this hole for the millionth timeit goes down real smooth when it has no tasteits hard to say things that you really thinkits hard to let go of the pastI'm hearing that voice like a noise machineat the edge of the room when I'm trying to sleepI don't ever want to sink againim afraid of how low I can gotime slows down when you come around and tell me its alright 6. Safe With You 02:57 lyrics S.W.A.K. 7. Yellow Spirit 03:50 lyrics Ive been down this same roada thousand times in my lifebut never in the darkand I always found my way homewe've all dealt with bad newsits just a part of this lifebut never quite like thisa crowded room went silentsing your praise to the ones who raised youtrust no other its never safe toyou're on your own nowyou always have beenyou feel the come downit always happens but never quite like thisits just to much to handleIve been down for so longits like its been a lifetimebut it never was this hard and I still can't find my way home 8. Stay A Long Way Away 02:10 lyrics finally I know that it won't let go if it gets ahold of meI feel safe when you stay a long way away from meforget every word I said to youlike I'm nobodylike Im dead to youforget every word I saideverything you kneweverything I do 9. Chain Yourself To Me 01:09 lyrics Id rather be locked away with you than freechain yourself to me so Ive got no way to escapeIll stick with you through thin and thick with youget old and sick with you til the day I slip awayIll stick with you til the day I slip away 10. Black Diamond Bridge 04:19 lyrics will you miss the winter when its always bright and bluethe footprints in the flowerbed led me to youthe sound gets loud when the walls come down as they're destroyedbut I sink so deep that I can sleep right through the noiselift the flood from the gatesand I'll enjoy myself as it washed away everythingit's all dead weight on me anywaylick the blood from the bladeand I'll enjoy myself and the way it felt breathing out my last breath of the air I share with everyone I hateand I'll try to stay near youif I can float with all these anchors of mine'cause it's hard to be alone on the tideand it's hard to be alone in my mind credits released July 26, 2022 All songs written by Brandon Setta. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nick Bassett at candyland in Oakland California. Additional vocals by Alexandra Morte. Artwork by Jeff Kardos. Photo by Devin Nunes $(".tralbum-credits").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_long"), "more", "less"); license all rights reserved tags Tags rock indie rock singer-songwriter California Shopping cart total USD Check out about White Lighters California

Elliott Smith Discography Torrent


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