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the meeting of the organization for security and co-operation in europe and nato reminded me of dr. king the democratic leader of the civil rights movement in the united states. ( i waited a long time for nato and oscâ3) to meet and exchange their position. i think the organization is significant in the future of security and should not be underestimated. on the other hand nato is out of date and cannot be considered the only security organization. this meeting was a first step and it seemed to me that the good thing was that, probably for the first time, more than 100 journalists were invited to the meeting and we were able to satisfy the interest of the media and therefore the public. i do not know how many countries in the world hold a meeting like this and think how it was difficult to make journalists travel over large distances. nato provides security to all members of the organization, but does this concern all the countries of europe, asia, latin america and the african continent? it can be said that is covered the entire world! not all countries are the same, not all countries are equal, some have military forces and some do not, some countries that are the most influential in the political and social life of the world in terms of energy and other resources, and we have other countries which are less influential. and this difference is reflected in the economic power of some countries and the military power of others. the most powerful countries in the world that are also industrialized countries are not members of nato. consequently, the relationship between the two organizations is complex and diverse. as to this meeting, the north atlantic alliance was represented by its secretary general, jens stoltenberg, and the oscâ3 european security was represented by its secretary general ivica dacic. it was for the first time since the establishment of nato in 1949 that the president of the nato meetings, âgeneral secretary of nato, took part in a meeting of the organization. the nato meeting was held on the first day of the 30th session of the organization for security and co-operation in europe. both the secretary general of the organization and the secretary general of nato mr. dacic emphasized that their meeting was a time when the organization and the international community were working together more than ever and presented nato as one of the essential components of the osce alliance.

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