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Www E Mentor Edu 3l

The YLD E-Mentorship Program aims to foster relationships between law students/new lawyers and young lawyers in a low-stress setting. We will initially connect law students and new lawyers with young lawyers electronically. Mentors will reach out to mentees monthly with the goal for the relationship to develop based upon the individual mentors and mentees. By fostering constructive mentoring relationships, the YLD E-Mentorship Program seeks to elevate the competence, professionalism, and success of Pennsylvania law students and new lawyers.

www e mentor edu 3l


A successful mentor will help a mentee navigate the complicated world of the legal profession by serving as a resource and confidant to the mentee. A successful mentee is someone motivated to be an exceptional lawyer by recognizing the value in learning from others. The mentor/mentee relationship should help bridge the gap between law school and the legal professional by providing guidance in professional conduct and promoting a sense of pride in being a lawyer. Mentors will be given guidance as to the type of monthly communication that is expected, which can be tailored based upon circumstances. Mentees will be able to utilize mentors as a resource for questions or advice.

In addition to finding the right practice area during your summer, you hopefully also had a mentor who helped you navigate firm life. There are so many benefits to having a mentor, including building your confidence as a future attorney.

What: Learn how the legal industry really works. The goal of the program is to ensure that 1L students receive the mentoring they need to maximize their potential, both during law school and afterward, as they prepare for the bar exam and launch their careers.

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I have relied on so many mentors since starting law school who were gracious with their time and patient. It's important to me to give back and share what I've learned with the next class."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I am excited to mentor 1Ls through their transition to law school and help them to have a great first year. My FL Professor and Dean's Fellows had a huge impact on my 1L year. I am excited to follow in their (huge) footsteps and work with students on how to be successful both inside and outside the lecture hall. Be it learning legal writing, talking through citation exercises, or discussing why courts should adopt pre-oral argument walk up songs, I look forward to working together with you to make this a great first year at GW Law."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I believe in the power of effective mentorship, and I recognize how crucial it is, now more than ever, to ensure that 1Ls feel welcome, supported, and uplifted in the challenging endeavor of beginning law school."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I value mentorship and teaching. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to consistently have incredible mentors to help me make the most of where I am and prepare for my next step. Further, after instructing a range of classroom settings, from kindergarteners to college students, I am passionate about fostering an environment where everyone is comfortable in their pursuit of knowledge and can apply what they learn practically towards their goals. Law school's a big transition that was made easier for me by having a supportive Dean's Fellow and I hope to pay it forward to my section this year!"

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I hope to be as helpful and supportive to 1Ls as my DF was my 1L year. I love serving as a friend and mentor to people, and am honored that I get to be both of those to people whose shoes I was in just two short years ago. As an aspiring litigator, I love the writing, research, and citations that are taught in fundamentals, and I cannot wait to help lead these lessons! I am so excited to meet you all, let's have a great year!"

"I am a Dean's Fellow because law school is hard! I would not be where I am without the support of dedicated mentors who took the time to invest in me. In turn, I am passionate about investing in others."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I found the Fundamentals of Lawyering Program to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. I especially enjoyed having the ability to work closely with other students, receiving mentorship from my Dean's Fellows, and having thoughtful interactions with my Professor. I have always loved being a mentor, and I hope to make future 1Ls transition into law school as positive an experience as mine."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I want to provide mentorship to the 1Ls and help them through what was for me a very stressful time. I hope to provide guidance and an ear for students to voice their concerns and stressors. As someone with a lot of legal research and writing experience, I aim to bring that to the classroom. Overall, I hope to help students navigate the law school process using the tricks of the trade acquired through my own experiences!"

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I am passionate about mentorship and I want to help build a strong sense of community for first year students so they can better navigate 1L and have the tools to succeed in law school and beyond."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I had a positive experience with my DF as a 1L, and he really helped with the transition to law school. I also enjoy teaching and I am looking forward to being a mentor."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because 1L can be intimidating. As a mentor for incoming students, I hope to ease just a little bit of the stress that comes along with law school. And of course help them navigate the very new skills that legal research and writing require along the way!"

"I am a Dean's Fellow because I want to serve as a mentor and resource for 1Ls. I believe that every GW 1L has the capacity to thrive as a legal writer and as a law student with the right guidance and support."

"I am a Dean's Fellow because supporting the GW Law community has become an important part of my law school education. As an evening student, the mentorship of my Dean's Fellow was an invaluable part of my first year at law school."

The Professional Mentoring Program (the "Program") offers all Denver Law students (JD and graduate programs) and recent graduates the opportunity to develop a professional relationship with a mentor. Students and recent graduates who participate in the Program (often called "mentees") are matched with mentors according to career interest areas and other factors. Once matched, students and mentors engage in a series of discussions guided by suggested discussion topics provided by the program.

Once enrolled in the Program, you will have the opportunity to be matched with a practicing or recently retired attorney or judge. You and your mentor will meet monthly at times and places of your mutual choosing where you will engage in a series of practice- and law school-related discussions. These discussions can follow the Program's suggested Discussion Topics, which include topics like career paths, professionalism, ethics, networking, and practical career tips, among other topics. Alternatively, you and your mentor can discuss other topics of your choosing, such as work-life balance, coursework, or substantive law.

The relationship you have with your mentor is largely what you and your mentor make it. Mentoring relationships within the Program vary greatly. Students and mentors often decide to meet more frequently than the Program requires; others decide to meet only as required. We ask that you and your mentor keep your discussions professional and consider the professional development purposes of the Program when meeting.

A recurring comment from mentors who have participated in the Program for many years is how much it has helped them learn and network. Although mentors commit their time to help mentees, they are often surprised how much their mentees help with their own professional career development and advancement. While mentors can share their experience with mentees, mentees can often share their knowledge of technology, electronic research methodologies, and writing trends, as a few examples. Moreover, mentors who have been in the program for years (some with 15+ years) frequently remark about "running into" their former mentees while practicing.

The Program asks that participants to do everything in their power to meet at least once per month throughout the academic year (i.e., about three times per semester for JD students, or two times per quarter for graduate students). The date, time and place of each meeting is established by the mentor and the student. The Program sends monthly Meeting Reminder Emails that can be used to spur coordination between mentors and mentees regarding scheduling a meeting.

At the meetings, mentors and mentees are free to discuss any professional topic they like. However, the Program provides suggested Discussion Topics that mentors and mentees can use as a conversation guide. The Program also asks mentors to commit to working with the same student(s) throughout their time at DU Law if their student(s) is/are willing.

In addition to the monthly topic meetings, mentors and students are asked to attend one orientation meeting at the beginning of each academic year, as well as an end of the year Volunteer Appreciation Reception. The Program also invites mentors and mentees to a breakfast reception following the winter break, and we frequently offer free continuing legal education (CLE) events that mentors and students can attend individually or together. The Program Calendar lists recurring event dates for the academic year, though continuing legal education seminars are promoted by email throughout the year.

Mentors are strongly encouraged to communicate with their students frequently. If you find your schedule precludes you from continuing in the Program, please contact the Program Coordinator at

The amount of contact between a mentor and a mentee varies greatly. Many mentors and mentees discuss the suggested Discussion Topics and meet more frequently to discuss other issues. Others meet as suggested. 041b061a72

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