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Dmitriy Subbotin

[S8E15] My Left And Right Foot

Noel Murray of Rolling Stone complemented the episode by writing: "All signs right now point to next week's finale being especially violent and deadly...Which is good. Because frankly, it's starting to seem like The Walking Dead's writers are as eager for this storyline to be over as so many of the rest of us have been."[5] Nick Romano of Entertainment Weekly gave the episode an original score of "B+" and wrote: "Last week left us with a few lingering questions, and now we have some answers."[6] Luke Holland of The Guardian wrote: "It was a dialogue-heavy episode, but because there was so much going on it felt brisk, tense and urgent, and left behind the promise of a finale with all the extraneous gristle removed."[7] Matt Fowler of IGN gave the episode a score of 7.3 out of 10 and wrote: ""Worth," Season 8's penultimate episode, wrapped up the current Savior game o' thrones storyline involving Simon's attempt to take over as the lead Negan of the Negans, but it seemed like a lot (and a lot of time spent with some uninteresting Saviors) just to get Negan to a place where he could line up with Rick's bloodlust."[8] Alex McLevy of The A.V. Club gave the episode a "B" score, writing: "It's easy to admire the show's willingness to take out one of the Saviors' most compelling characters in one go...but it's also another example of the show no longer willing to put anyone from the main credits in peril unless it's a season (or mid-season) finale."[9]

[S8E15] My Left and Right Foot


She heads to Clark, who is taking another look at Hal's body. Clark has found a small cranial fracture on the left side of Hal's head. They shave away the hair and spot what looks to be a small infected puncture wound behind the security guard's ear, several days old. They find several flecks of shiny splinters, which Hodgins determines are gold paint and wood flakes from a 12th-century artifact gold icon of the archangel Gabriel in the Jeffersonians' collection found right there in the Jeffersonian. It looks like Hal, the dead man, and the shooter was all in on it together and after the artifact. Booth and Sparling posit that Hal, the security guard, informed the shooter that Bones was working on Groot's remains and turned off the cameras. Knowing that she was the only person smart enough to put it together, the killer then attempted to murder Bones. The Jeffersonian staff examines the artifact used to bludgeon Hal and finds that it has been replaced with a fake. Booth and Olivia head to head to the conservation department where the relic is housed to interview Dr. Batuhan, the only person on staff capable of restoring antiques of the icons' caliber. They find the equipment needed to create a blood bullet and fire it among all the restoration tools. The doctor says nothing.

Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) is using a Glock 26 as her sidearm in Season 8, as she had previously used the Glock 30 as her sidearm in Season 6. She carries the Glock in a DIY Strap Holster on her left thigh despite being right handed. In "Dead or Alive Or" (S8E11), Rosita uses her Glock with what appears to be Umarex suppressor in "Dead or Alive Or" (S8E11), and "The Key" (S8E12). Rosita aims her unsuppressed Glock in "Do Not Send Us Astray" (S8E13). Rosita aims the Glock on Eugene in "Worth" (S8E15). In the same episode, upon closer inspection it's confirmed that she was using a Glock 26 in Season 8 as she aimed it at Eugene, the inscription of the "9x19" was seen. 041b061a72

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