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Dmitriy Subbotin


List of GnGeo-Pi ROMS:2020bb.drv2020bba.drv2020bbh.drv3countb.drvalpham2.drvandrodun.drvaodk.drvaof.drvaof2.drvaof2a.drvaof3.drvaof3k.drvbakatono.drvbangbead.drvbjourney.drvblazstar.drvbreakers.drvbreakrev.drvbstars.drvbstars2.drvburningf.drvburningfh.drvcmc42.xorcmc50.xorcrsword.drvct2k3sa.drvct2k3sp.drvcthd2003.drvctomaday.drvcyberlip.drvdiggerma.drvdoubledr.drveightman.drvfatfursa.drvfatfursp.drvfatfury1.drvfatfury2.drvfatfury3.drvfbfrenzy.drvfightfev.drvfightfeva.drvflipshot.drvfswords.drvgalaxyfg.drvganryu.drvgarou.drvgaroubl.drvgarouo.drvgaroup.drvghostlop.drvgoalx3.drvgowcaizr.drvgpilots.drvgpilotsh.drvgururin.drvirrmaze.drvjanshin.drvjockeygp.drvjoyjoy.drvkabukikl.drvkarnovr.drvkf10thep.drvkf2k2mp.drvkf2k2mp2.drvkf2k2pla.drvkf2k2pls.drvkf2k3bl.drvkf2k3bla.drvkf2k3pcb.drvkf2k3pl.drvkf2k3upl.drvkf2k5uni.drvkizuna.drvkof10th.drvkof2000.drvkof2000n.drvkof2001.drvkof2001h.drvkof2002.drvkof2002b.drvkof2003.drvkof2003h.drvkof2k4se.drvkof94.drvkof95.drvkof95h.drvkof96.drvkof96h.drvkof97.drvkof97a.drvkof97pls.drvkof98.drvkof98k.drvkof98n.drvkof99.drvkof99a.drvkof99e.drvkof99n.drvkof99p.drvkog.drvkotm.drvkotm2.drvkotmh.drvlans2004.drvlastblad.drvlastbladh.drvlastbld2.drvlastsold.drvlbowling.drvlegendos.drvlist.txtlresort.drvmagdrop2.drvmagdrop3.drvmaglord.drvmaglordh.drvmahretsu.drvmarukodq.drvmatrim.drvmatrimbl.drvmiexchng.drvminasan.drvmosyougi.drvms4plus.drvms5pcb.drvms5plus.drvmslug.drvmslug2.drvmslug3.drvmslug3b6.drvmslug3h.drvmslug3n.drvmslug4.drvmslug5.drvmslug5h.drvmslugx.drvmutnat.drvnam1975.drvncombat.drvncombath.drvncommand.drvneobombe.drvneocup98.drvneodrift.drvneogeo.drvneomrdo.drvninjamas.drvnitd.drvnitdbl.drvovertop.drvpanicbom.drvpbobbl2n.drvpbobblen.drvpbobblena.drvpgoal.drvpnyaa.drvpopbounc.drvpreisle2.drvpspikes2.drvpulstar.drvpuzzldpr.drvpuzzledp.drvquizdai2.drvquizdais.drvquizkof.drvragnagrd.drvrbff1.drvrbff1a.drvrbff2.drvrbff2h.drvrbff2k.drvrbffspec.drvridhero.drvridheroh.drvroboarmy.drvrotd.drvs1945p.drvsamsh5sp.drvsamsh5sph.drvsamsh5spn.drvsamsho.drvsamsho2.drvsamsho3.drvsamsho3h.drvsamsho4.drvsamsho5.drvsamsho5b.drvsamsho5h.drvsamshoh.drvsavagere.drvsdodgeb.drvsengokh.drvsengoku.drvsengoku2.drvsengoku3.drvshocktr2.drvshocktra.drvshocktro.drvsocbrawl.drvsocbrawla.drvsonicwi2.drvsonicwi3.drvspinmast.drvssideki.drvssideki2.drvssideki3.drvssideki4.drvstakwin.drvstakwin2.drvstrhoop.drvsuperspy.drvsvc.drvsvcboot.drvsvcpcb.drvsvcpcba.drvsvcplus.drvsvcplusa.drvsvcsplus.drvtophuntr.drvtophuntra.drvtpgolf.drvtrally.drvturfmast.drvtwinspri.drvtws96.drvviewpoin.drvvliner.drvvlinero.drvwakuwak7.drvwh1.drvwh1h.drvwh1ha.drvwh2.drvwh2j.drvwh2jh.drvwhp.drvwjammers.drvzedblade.drvzintrckb.drvzupapa.drv



This is a fairly big update; changes are summarised below;Neo-GeoAdded driver for Diggerman (diggerma) Added driver for Jockey Grand Prix (jockeygp) Added driver for Metal Slug 5 (mslug5, ms5plus, ms5pcb) Added driver for Pochi and Nyaa (pnyaa) Added driver for Samurai Shodown V (samsho5, samsho5h, samsho5b, samsh5sp, samsh5sh, samsh5sn) Added driver for SvC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom (svc, svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa, svcsplus, svcpcb, svcpcba) Added driver for The King of Fighters 2003 (kof2003, kf2k3bl, kf2k3bla, kf2k3pl, kf2k3upl, kf2k3pcb) Added driver for V-Liner (vliner, vlinero) Added driver for Zintrick (zintrckb) Added aof3k to the Art of Fighting 3 driver Added ct2k3sp to the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 driver Added kog to the King of Fighters '97 driver Added lastsold to the Last Blade driver Added mslug3b6 to the Metal Slug 3 driver Added ms4plus to the Metal Slug 4 driver Added fswords to the Samurai Shodown III driver Added lans2004 to the Shock Troopers 2 driver Added kof10th, kf10thep, kf2k5uni, kf2k2mp, kf2k2mp2, kf2k2pls, kf2k2pla, kof2k4se to the King of Fighters 2002 driver ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the kizuna, kof2000, kof2001, kof2002, lastblda, matrim, mslug4, and rbff1 drivers Added emulation for PVC Protection Added extra emulation for various bootlegs and gambling games Enabled a protection patch for Metal Slug X making the game playable Updated Universe BIOS to latest version (2.2) Added missing bioses from MAME Added a compile-time define in the Neo-Geo driver to strictly match the MAME bios set for romset validation purposes Removed driver for bangbedpCPS-2Added the decryption algorithm routines to allow games to be decrytped without XORs Removed the XORs from drivers where the decryption key is known Added driver for Hyper Street Fighter 2 (hsf2a) Added driver for Puzz Loop 2 (pzloop2, pzloop2j) Added 19xxa to the 19XX driver Added avspa to the Alien vs Predator driver Added armwar to the Armored Warriors driver Added ddsomr1, ddsomr3 to the Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow of Mystara driver Added ddtodr1 to the Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom driver Added mshj to the Marvel Super Heroes driver Added mshvsfj2 to the Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter driver Added spf2ta to the Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo driver Added ssf2tbr1 to the Super Street Fighter 2 driver Added ssf2u to the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo driver Added xmvsfu to the X-Men vs Street Fighter driver Emulated the paddles in Puzz Loop 2 (pzloop2, pzloop2j) ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the armwar, avsp, ddsom, ddtod, dstlk, msh, mshvsf, msvc, progear, sfa, sfa3, sgemf, spf2t, vhunt2, and xmvsf drivers Corrected the descriptions in the Cyberbots driver Disabled drivers for games without XORs or decryption keysCPS-1Added cawingr1 to the Carrier Air Wing driver Added ffightua to the Final Fight driver Fixed the Saturday Night Slam Masters driver so the games now boot ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the forgottn, sf2, and varth drivers Removed driver for knightshToaplanAdded driver for Hell Fire (hellfire, hellfir1, hellfir2) Added driver for Truxton (truxton) Added driver for Zero wing (zerowing) Added batsugna to the Batsugun driver Added outzoneb, outzonec to the Out Zone driver Fixed the dip switches in the Out Zone driver ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the bbakraid, dogyuun, outzone and shippumd driversCaveAdded donpachk to the Donpachi driver Added theroes to the Gaia driver Added uopoko to the Puzzle Uo Poko driver ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the btlkroad, ddonpach, dfeveron, donpach, gaia and uopoko driversMiscAdded driver for Cooki and Bibi 2 Added driver for Cooki and Bibi 3 Added driver for More More Added driver for More More Plus Added driver for Puzzle King Added driver for Toppy & Rappy Added driver for Twinkle Added driver for XESS - The New Revolution (SemiCom 3-in-1) Added gtstarba to the Guardian driver Added newsa to the News driver Added slapftuk, slapfgtr to the Slap Fight driver Added snowbroc to the Snow Bros. driver Added solomon to the Solomons Key driver Added s1945a, s1945k to the Strikers 1945 driver Added supermanj to the Superman driver Added tigerhb2 to the Tiger Heli driver Added daisenpu to the Twin Hawk driver Fixed the sound generated by the YM2151 in the Final Star Force driver Fixed the hang bug in the Rastan driver when starting the game ROMset changes to match MAME affecting the gunbird, opwolf, rastan, s1945, solomon, tengai and tigerh driversApplicationAdded a NODUMP flag for rom definitions and updated DAT file generation and rom scan routines to support it Increased the max length of a rom name to 32 characters Added support for the extra V-Liner inputs to the input dialog Made game selection dialog wider to accomodate longer game titles Fixed the player descriptions in the input dialog (Player 0 becomes Player 1, etc.)So, what does this mean for FBA? No new releases are promised in the future. The FBA Team seems to have disbanded a while back and we all seem to be doing different things now. I caught the emulation bug again at the back end of last year and since FBA was rather out of date I have decided to release this update. New releases may follow depending how long the bug lasts.... 041b061a72

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