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The Librarians - Season 2

Season 2General InformationSeason2Episodes10[1]RunNovember 1, 2015-December 27, 2015PreviousSeason 1NextSeason 3Season 2 is the second season of The Librarians. It aired during the 2015-2016 television season.[2] The primary antagonist for the season is Prospero.

The Librarians - Season 2

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 5 actually concluded one of the major story arcs that began at the start of the season, with the mysteriously vanishing artifacts and the rooms in the Library apparently reconfiguring on their own.

It seems like The Librarians Season 2 just started, and already you're here reading the review for the season finale. Only ten episodes! On the plus side, The Librarians has already been picked up for Season 3, so we have a pretty big consolation prize!

The lines the Librarians were reading, of course, had direct meaning for each of them. It wasn't subtle, but it really didn't need to be. It was pretty much a summation of what each of them learned about themselves over the course of the season.

So, what did you think of The Librarians Season 2 Episode 10? Were you happy to see Flynn reunited with Cal? Disappointed that Moriarty is apparently gone? Did you enjoy meeting Shakespeare? Was it a fitting season finale? Let us know in the comments below!

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 1 kicked off with a quick flashback to the end of last season, with the return of magic to the world. We got to see a mysterious man, later revealed as Prospero, use magic to conjure up a character (later revealed as Moriarty) out of a copy of Sherlock Holmes.

One of the problems I had with the first episode was the whole idea that the Librarians had split up and basically gone independent of each other since the last season, to the point where they were each so consumed with doing their own thing that they completely and utterly missed the big picture.

Even after Flynn tricked Prospero into blowing that popsicle stand, they were still left with what smells like a season arc of what's wrong with the Library. Plus, there's the question of where the pieces of Prospero's original staff are. If a past Librarian did inded take them, why didn't they end up in the Library?

So, what did you think of "And the Drowned Book" and "And the Broken Staff"? Do Prospero and Moriarty make an entertaining villain duo? Do you want to see more of Flynn Carsen this season? Who is responsible for the Library being out of sorts? Let us know in the comments below!

If you missed this episode or you just want to enjoy it all over again, be sure to watch The Librarians online! The season finale, The Librarians Season 2 Episode 10, is scheduled to air on Sunday, January 3, 2016 at 8/7c on TNT.

Good news, Librarians fans. TNT has renewed the fantasy adventure series for a second season, assuring the world that we will be safe in the hands of Flynn Carsen and his team for at least 10 more episodes.

The first episode starts off with the news that the librarians-in-training have all been working on their own for the past few months, so they have to learn to work together again in this episode. The library is back, but Jenkins discovers that items are going missing and that the library is rearranging itself. Something rotten in the state of Denmark?

Widescreen. A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts. Collects all 10 Season Two episodes. Starring Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane. English SDH. Over 7 hours on three DVDs.

Season four of The Librarians airs Wednesdays at 8 PM ET on TNT, and for the first time during its run has expanded its season from ten episodes to twelve concluding on February 7, 2018.

Lindy Booth: I think part of the reason why Dean gave me this incredible opportunity to direct an episode this season is because I do look at the big picture. As an actor, I am very technical and very aware of the whole picture and the whole story, not just trying to focus on Cassandra. For me to take that step back and view her objectively was really easy because that was my job, and I love to do my job.

GeekMom: When we spoke last time, Cassandra had chosen the risk of life over the certainty of death. Cassandra seems so much more confident and in control of her power this season. How is that decision from last season impacting her in this season?

During the course of the season, things are going to happen that make her question pretty much everything. One of the big overarching themes this season is the Library and its role in our lives and can we trust the Library. Something happens that throws the Library into question for all of us.

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Parents need to know that The Librarians follows a magical group of librarians entrusted with the world's magical objects. Action-y violence: fistfights, elaborate bombs, and guns all get airtime. Characters are shot and stabbed on-screen and may die, though without visible blood. Battles are choreographed and may be playful but generally are not scary. Scholarship and knowledge are praised; plot points are fantastical and often involve special effects. Main characters include women in strong roles and people of color. Menace is frequent but downplayed by joking quips and miraculous escapes.

Can you follow all the librarians' clues and deductions? Do you think you're supposed to? What about if you watch an episode repeatedly? Does not being able to follow the plot twists detract from your enjoyment of the show?

A group of four librarians are to solve impossible mysteries, recover powerful artifacts, and fight against supernatural threats, especially the forces of the Serpent Brotherhood, led by the mysterious immortal Dulaque (Matt Frewer).

The course consisted of twenty librarians, but no health professionals attended the training. The librarians were very patient as the equipment was being set up. I took this time to get each librarian to introduce herself and tell about her job. I used an excellent translator who translated my English into Romanian.

Since these librarians were not medical librarians, they did not know about PubMed, and had no knowledge of how to search it. Therefore, most of the class was spent going into PubMed to look for articles on certain topics. I also demonstrated how to limit and how to look for authors in PubMed.

The University's librarians were all very computer-literate. They caught on to the techniques I was teaching very quickly. They neither required instruction on Boolean operators, nor how to print or save information. All the participants said they enjoyed the HINARI class so much and they would use it in the future.

Liubovi Karnaeva is the library director, but her deputy library director, Silvia Ciubrei, arranged for the HINARI training and proposed HINARI certificates for each person who attended. Silvia advertised the class, and got good sampling of health professionals and medical librarians from her university to attend. She also arranged for health professionals from the Moldovan Ministry of Health to attend. In total 23 people attended.

I began the class asking for a show of hands on several things. I asked how many use PubMed and about 15 people raised their hands. I asked how many used OVID MEDLINE, and about 5 raised their hands. I asked who has ever used HINARI, and only three medical librarians raised their hands. I told them if they searched PubMed by going into HINARI first, then they could pull up full-text journal articles in 6,200 medical journals. Several expressed regret that they did not know this before now. I told them that in the future they should always go into HINARI first, and then go into PubMed through HINARI.

Afterwards, I talked to Silvia and Liubovi about the training and they said they were very pleased with the training. (Since this Moldovan medical library is the Sister Library of all the North Carolina Medical Libraries, I had already been in Moldova ten days prior to this day of HINARI training. I provided other classes to the medical librarians, physicians, and medical residents. I provided training on evaluating medical Websites, marketing the library, STAT!Ref, Anatomy TV, MD Consult, and other topics.) 041b061a72

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